About Us

Welcome to BRAND MY BRAND.  We are without a doubt one of the fastest growing promotional & corporate gifting B2B start-up companies in India. Our combination of in-depth research into the market of promotional items & corporate gifts and our long-term manufacturing & supplying experience in customized products, give us the perfect basis to provide you with fresh ideas for attractive promotional items, giveaways, and business gifts.


Through BRAND MY BRAND can be easily printed and unprinted promotional items order online, from inexpensive giveaways to luxury gifts and each gift in between is easy to order online via Brand My Brand. Select the desired gift and by means of a single click, you can see as our price range and current stock.

We are a team of young people open to the world. Despite his young age, we can boast considerable experience in the corporate gifting industry. We are not afraid to realize large orders with a busy schedule, but attach the same importance also for small orders. With persistence and consistency mastered almost to perfection several printing techniques, in connection which offer services and products at the highest level. Its business model we relied on the good organization of work, innovation, and investment in new technologies and not on low-cost labor and exploitation.  

Would you like giveaways, promotional items or business gifts printed with your logo? The price range and availability of printed promotional items, corporate gifts, and giveaways can be viewed online. When you order on weekday’s online printed gifts or giveaways, you usually within two working hour of an order confirmation with proof of us. So you can see exactly how we are going to print the gift or giveaway with your logo. Even if you unprinted gifts or giveaways order online, you will receive a clear confirmation from us within two hours. 


Brand My Brand